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You can make a difference in your career, your community and your world through membership in Rotary. It is truly international, apolitical and without any specific religious or denominational affiliations. And, Rotary has changed the world for the better.
Every Wednesday 7.30 pm
Rotary centre
Opposite to Gandhi Park kumbakonam

Our members are loyal, dedicated and hard working men and women. It is not an organization for everyone, just for those who are the best in their field. Some join for "prestige" and "business connections" but soon discover the real rewards of membership are friendship, and the joy of doing good for others. Membership in The Rotary Club of kumbakonam invigorates your soul and creates a bond of fun and fellowship as we serve the community and the world.

  We welcome you to join us and make some of the best friends you will ever have.  
  If you would like to be considered for membership by our Rotary club, visit the membership form link.  
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